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Moving Minds enables exceptional
Marketing+Tech talent to work virtually for
many of the world’s fastest-growing companies.

Share Your Talents Globally.
Work Virtually.

Experience a New Way to Work
Introducing Mar+Tech Untethered

Experience the joy and collaboration of being on a team without the endless meetings,
cube farms and needless office chatter. Fire up the laptop and let’s get to work growing our clients’ businesses.

What We Look for in Our
On Demand Mar+Tech Talent

Our clients depend on our virtual on demand Mar+Tech teams to supercharge growth and achieve
their revenue attainment goals.
Because of this responsibility, Moving Minds looks for specific values
in our team members and consultants that are shared across our company and with our clients.

Work Virtually
Share Your Mar+Tech Expertise Globally

Acting in collaborative virtual teams, Moving Minds consultants work intimately with our clients
each and every day as trusted members of their teams driving growth, revenue and return on Marketing+Tech investments.

Ready to shed the office cubicle and
flex your virtual marketing+tech
expertise from the comfort of
anywhere you want to work? We thought so.
Impact clients
Being able to leverage my marketing and tech skills on behalf of Moving Minds' global clients while having the freedom and flexibility of working remotely is a dream come true.
Jenn S.
Web & Print Designer
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To be able to work virtually from home while still innovating and implementing best of breed Mar+Tech strategies and solutions is the best of all worlds.
Erik R.
Web Developer
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I love virtually collaborating with my peers at Moving Minds to drive our clients’ marketing execution and collectively grow their businesses.
Jenny L.
PR & Social Media Manager
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I love working with Moving Minds' on new projects. They have assembled such a talented and great group of people who do amazing Mar+Tech work and are having fun doing it.
Chris L.
Video Producer
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Life is too short to commute to work when, with Moving Minds, you can spend your time driving innovative marketing+tech programs and results instead.
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Every day we wake up (wherever we are) focused on the impact our strategies, actions and activities have on our clients’ businesses and their goals to drive growth, value and transformation.
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We LOVE what we do. We help our client companies reach their full potential, and we are passionate about driving growth and applying our knowledge to their benefit.
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No two days, clients or projects are alike. We look for marketing experts who can handle flexibility (and their sense of humor) as client priorities, needs and projects can emerge without working and things can change on a dime.
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For many of us, balancing daily life would be impossible with a typical 9 to 5 job. Gig your career and do amazing Mar+Tech work without missing out on important moments.
Point 1
Our multi-channel Marketing+IT teams are distributed virtually across the globe. We cherish team members who know how to successfully manage their work and communications in a virtual environment to get things done.
Point 2
Stuff happens. But our team members bring an experience and perspective to anticipate what's coming around the corner, developing a possible solution or new approach to a business challenge before our clients realize they need one.
Point 3
Speed kills and, as an outsourced marketing department, our clients don't want to micromanage our work. They look for our team to take the initiative, focusing on key strategic priorities and executing what needs to get done.
With Moving Minds, we manage the business of being a consultant so you can focus your time on designing and developing Mar+Tech solutions that transform our clients’ businesses.

Change Your Trajectory
(And Our Clients' Too)

If you’re ready to grow your Marketing+Tech consulting career
without the constraints and inflexibility of corporate life,
we invite you to send us your CV to join our team.
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