Our Process

Moving Minds assembles dedicated, multi-disciplinary teams of Marketing+Tech experts to drive our client’s growth initiatives with a unwavering commitment to speed, agility and results.

From Strategy to Execution,
Put Your Marketing+Tech on Autopilot.

A Trusted Partner
Dedicated to Long-Term Growth

Lacking the strategy, expertise, resources and talent to take your company's growth to the next level?
With Moving Minds, you'll have your very own CMO-led virtual, on demand marketing+tech department.


Each client relationship begins with a collaborative dialogue to share insights, objectives and evaluate the market opportunity in front of us before we proceed with the development of a comprehensive growth roadmap.


Baselining the key performance metrics that impact or impede your growth is essential to knowing the measurable impact as we begin to implement and execute our marketing+tech strategies, initiatives and programs.


Based on market opportunity or competitive necessity, we’ll develop a growth roadmap that utilizes the smartest allocation of resources, investments, automation and talent to generate the greatest value and impact to your business.

the roadmap

Next, we’ll lay out a comprehensive growth plan that addresses underperforming areas and unrealized opportunities — inside and outside of your company — that will accelerate growth, ensure a greater yield on marketing spend and deliver big-time ROI.
integrated teams
To support our clients' growth and mission-critical initiatives,
Moving Minds identifies, sources and assembles multi-channel teams of Mar+Tech talent
that provide expert, on demand support and day-to-day execution.

With access to dedicated, fractional teams, companies can accelerate growth faster, and smarter
than traditional insourcing models that depend on more costly, full time on-site headcount
and a myriad of disparate contractors, freelancers and functionally oriented agency partners.
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Moving Minds provides an amazing combination of strategic vision with day-to-day execution enabling Vendorin to outsource our marketing, minimize headcount costs and move more quickly
than an internal team.
John Petersson
President and Co-Founder, Vendorin
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I’ve hired Moving Minds more than once to help build our brand, deliver integrated, multi-channel marketing programs as well as raise our profile within the venture capital community. If you want great results, Moving Minds is your marketing firm.
Darren Blakely
President, North America, Unimarket
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Moving Minds brought
tremendous marketing
creativity, dynamic delivery, and
a keen sense of communication
for multiple product lines in a
fast-growing national start-up.
Robert Weinhold
Chief Operating Officer, RiverMend Health
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From strategy to execution, Moving Minds helps companies roll up disparate Marketing+Tech activities into a single, multi-channel plan — with the necessary talent, capabilities and Mar+Tech infrastructure to execute — spanning across all marketing channels and your customer touchpoints.

the mix

What are the most effective channels to reach your target audience? Because we're channel-agnostic, our recommendations are unique to each client’s circumstances, exit strategy, time horizon, product or service, available resources and growth targets.

each and every day

Working as an extension of your organization, Moving Minds deploys a dedicated team of fractional Mar+Tech talent to execute our growth roadmap totally focused on generating greater awareness, revenue, and value out of your Marketing+Tech spend.


The closer we work with our clients, the more our mar+tech teams discover areas within your company that may be underperforming, need fine-tuning, or present huge, untapped opportunities to generate new streams of revenue and growth.


To scale your business and maintain its growth, we leverage a diverse ecosystem of Mar+Tech partners to implement new systems, tools and automation that enable your business to eliminate friction in your processes and customer touchpoints.
'always on' support
With Moving Minds as your virtual Marketing+Tech department, we provide 'always on'
support whether you're launching a last-minute e-mail campaign or need a board presentation ASAP.

Connected to our clients on demand via a suite of virtual collaboration tools,
it's almost like we're in the cubicle down the hall, but without all of the pointless chitchat.
agile approaches
to meet evolving needs
As a long-term partner, we understand your company needs to be
responsive to market conditions and to execute with velocity
to achieve your goals.

align to a budget

YOY generated
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align to a growth target

align to a deadline



Every week, our teams are evaluating and sharing the performance of your multi-channel campaigns to ensure your marketing budget and our time is allocated to the best-performing channels and tactics in order to maximize your ROI.
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