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Moving Minds enables companies — from
start-ups and mid-market to the Fortune 500
— to deploy integrated, multi-channel
Marketing+Tech programs that deliver
unprecedented results.

Generate Long-Term, Sustainable Growth.
Deploy Multi-Channel Marketing+Tech.

meet your on demand
Marketing + Tech team

Our dedicated Marketing+Tech teams work intimately with our clients each and every day
as integral members of your team driving growth, revenue and a better return on your marketing spend.
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Market Opportunity
Go-To-Market Strategy
Brand & Creative
Data & Analytics
Customer experience & Business Processes
Systems, Platforms & Tools
Only 14% of organizations
say they are currently running
coordinated marketing campaigns
across all channels.
source: CMO by Adobe
26% of companies
have yet to take action
regarding an
omni-channel strategy.
source: Rakuten
45% of marketers
feel they lack the necessary talent, technology, and processes
to master omni-channel brand marketing.
source: CMO Council
23% of marketers cite
lack of time and resources
as a major barrier to
implementing multi-channel marketing.
source: Invesp


Evaluating opportunities, assessing options and developing an intelligent, multi-faceted
marketing plan
for getting to market, acquiring and retaining customers and sustaining long-term growth.
From Blue Skies
To Tangible Results
Whether you're an early-stage start-up or a billion-dollar multinational corporation, you'll need sound strategies to drive growth and shareholder value. Moving Minds' strategy development process looks inside and outside your company to create a comprehensive, multi-faceted Marketing+Tech roadmap. Our strategies address market sizing and opportunity, competitive dynamics, internal capabilities, systems and processes as well as uncovered opportunities to create differentiation, performance improvement and digital transformation that generates 2x-5x increases in value.

Brand & Creative

Award-winning creative and design that breaks through the clutter to elevate your company’s
brand position,
make competitors green with envy and soften your prospects for their inevitable conversion.
Break Through
The Clutter
For start-ups in need of a bold brand identity or global multinationals with highly evolved corporate style guidelines, our global team of brand & creative talent offers a powerhouse array of on demand creative resources. Keep your multi-channel campaigns going strong with award-winning designs that differentiate and captivate. Build a dedicated team of designers to handle the diverse array of multi-channel design formats, sizing and specs you need to break through the clutter.

Multi-Channel Campaigns

From digital to offline channels, Moving Minds offers a single partner your company
can rely on to drive multi-channel acquisition and retention campaigns that drive top line revenue.
The Engine To
Fill Your Pipeline
Rather than working with disparate agencies focused on specific marketing silos, get your marketing+tech on the same page by integrating your multi-channel campaigns. With Moving Minds, you'll spend less time managing different opinions, attending meetings and trying to get siloed agencies and contractors to work together. Moving Minds’ dedicated, on demand team will develop a comprehensive channel strategy so that your marketing speaks with one integrated voice. You’ll gain access to a singular team of dedicated resources and specialized talent who works with you every day to drive demand generation programs.

infinitely scalable

Eliminate the bandwidth constraints that impede growth with on demand
access to our team of award-winning Marketing+Tech experts from Moving Minds.
PR Director
Mobile Designer
E-mail Marketing Guru
Business Strategist
Page Speed Optimizer
Digital Advertizing Expert
Online Events Manager
Front End Developer
Campaign Strategist
Web Designer
Marketing Automation Specialist
Social Media Manager

content marketing

With our content marketing, copywriting and distribution strategies, we'll help shape your
company's expertise and value in a variety of content that generates inbound curiousity and exposure for your offerings.
Begins The Journey.
To drive your engine and fill your pipeline, you’ll need great content and a team of strategic content creators. With Moving Minds, you’ll have a dedicated team of content strategists, writers and developers who understand your business, target audiences and the diverse array of content distribution methods. We’ll develop a comprehensive content strategy to get your company positioned as the leading expert in your market space and employ search engine optimization tactics to ensure your content gets discovered. And because we’re multi-channel, we’ll maximize upside by leveraging content assets and deliverables across all your marketing channels.

marketing+tech talent

We work intimately with our clients each and every day as
members of their team driving growth, revenue and return on marketing investments.
Agile. On Demand.
Vetted & Certified.
Due to budget contraints, it's almost impossible to build an internal team that has the expertise and specialized knowledge to execute across all available marketing+channels today. Moving Minds provides Marketing+Tech talent on demand, which means you don't have to build a large internal team. Augment your existing team or department with an array of agile, on demand talent from Moving Minds who are vetted and certified. By leveraging fractional teams, we can execute a diverse array of multi-channel Marketing+Tech programs as needed without the costs and commitment of hiring full-time headcount.

Data & Analytics

With Moving Minds, we'll help you acquire, enrich and generate more ROI
from what should be your company’s most valuable asset – your customer and prospect data.
The heart
of your business
Today, more than ever, data drives your business. Knowing how to acquire, leverage and incorporate data into your daily marketing practices can provide the delta between decent and spectacular financial results. From baselining your company's performance across marketing channels and business operations to intelligently managing your data assets, Moving Minds will help you discover the value of data. Learn how data can get you to market faster, increase marketing accuracy and outperform key performance metrics to scale your business and create real shareholder value.

Systems, Platforms & Tools

Access a rich ecosystem of platforms and tools to accelerate
your sales pipeline, measure ROI and automate inefficient business processes.
The Foundation
To Scale
You need the right systems and tools to scale your business. Choosing the right software among the 7,000 platforms available is essential to success. Fortunately for our clients, Moving Minds brings deep knowledge across the diverse Mar+Tech landscape to help our clients identify, evaluate and implement the right systems. With our Mar+Tech expertise, you can accelerate the identification of software that will improve your performance — from client acquisition and onboarding to sales outreach and process automation. Our teams of on demand Mar+Tech consultants will help you accelerate the implementation, utilization and realization of ROI.
Let's discuss your company's go-to-market strategy with our team of multi-channel Marketing+Tech experts and explore opportunities to drive growth and revenue.
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