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    Moving Minds, an award-winning global marketing agency, today announced the launch of a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) practice designed to help emerging companies formulate growth strategies at conception and navigate the proliferation of rapidly emerging marketing channels.

    The practice is led by Co-CEOs and Founders, Lou Hughes and Kathryn Hughes, both of who have served as Chief Marketing Officers, have led digital transformation initiatives and consulted with Fortune 500, venture capital and private equity-backed companies, including Siemens, Citi, Caremark, Mastercard, Halifax Health, Virginia Hospital Center, Tessco Technologies, Guidewell, Schweiger Dermatology, Prospira Pain Care, Costar Group, HealthSouth, Thomson Reuters, Axogen, Deerfield Management, Unimarket, TLC Laser Eye Centers, Fannie Mae, Norwest Venture Partners, Baptist Health and The United Nations.

    Download Our Brochure, "The Impact of a Fractional CMO'“Companies recognize that having a great product is just the start of their journey. New ventures need a recognized brand and enough awareness in the marketplace to generate demand for their offerings,” said Lou Hughes, CEO of Moving Minds. “Having a well-formulated growth strategy early in a company’s lifespan accelerates the time to achieve investor milestones and reach their exit horizon.”

    Venture capital and private equity-backed companies who may benefit from engaging a Fractional CMO include early-stage start-ups who want expert marketing guidance from the outset of a company’s founding and later-stage companies seeking to elevate their marketing performance or need interim marketing leadership.

    Additionally, a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) can also be instrumental pre-and post-acquisition, helping to evaluate an acquisition target’s marketing performance, digital presence, and the resources required to achieve growth targets and return on shareholder value.

    Many vital questions a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) can help CEOs address include:

    • What is our go-to-market strategy?
    • What is the right level of investment to generate our desired growth targets?
    • What are the most effective marketing channels?
    • How can we measure marketing investments and return on ad spend (ROAS)?
    • How do we improve the relevance of our messaging and positioning to our target market and personas?
    • How do we generate more demand and extend our customer lifecycle?
    • How can we embrace the age of digitalization?

    With the proliferation of new channels, marketing is more complex than ever. For venture and private equity-backed start-ups and mid-cap companies, hiring a multi-channel array of specialized marketing skills internally is time-intensive and costly,” said Kathryn Hughes, Co-CEO and Founder of Moving Minds. “Hiring a Fractional CMO is an excellent option for forward-thinking companies who want to accelerate their growth while eliminating the opportunity and direct costs of hiring full-time W-9 headcount.”

    More information about Moving Minds’ Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) practice can be found at: Or to discuss whether a Fractional CMO is right for your company, schedule a consult at:


    Moving Minds is an award-winning global marketing agency enabling forward-thinking companies to get to market faster and smarter with ‘Growth as a Managed Service,’ a fractional, more agile outsourced model designed for venture- and private equity-backed companies. To learn more about Moving Minds, call (800) 420-7206 or visit


    Lou Hughes


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    Lou Hughes
    Fractional CMO and CEO of Moving Minds
    Lou Hughes is CEO of Moving Minds and serves as a Fractional CMO to a diverse group of clients ranging from early stage start-ups to mid-cap companies. In this role, Lou leads mission-critical strategic marketing engagements and digital marketing initiatives that consistently increase market valuation, revenue and demand.
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