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    New Model Enables Venture Capital and Private Equity-Funded Companies to Get to Market Faster and Smarter with Fractional Multi-Channel Marketing Experts

    Moving Minds, an award-winning global marketing agency, today announced the launch of ‘Growth as a Managed Service,’ a more agile, outsourced model for CEOs and CMOs to deploy multi-channel marketing and growth initiatives.

    The new AI-powered offering provides companies with the ability to rapidly access the marketing talent needed to support high rates of growth and orchestrate multi-channel demand generation – at a fraction of the time and cost to assemble an in-house marketing department.

    Moving Minds’ new model comes in response to the convergence of three primary trends contributing to the growing managed services market, which is expected to reach around $274 billion by 2026*. These trends include:

    • A massive shift in the widespread adoption of remote work
    • The proliferation of new marketing channels and platforms requiring highly specialized expertise
    • The opportunity cost associated with the time to recruit, hire and retain expert marketing talent in a competitive labor market.

    With ‘Growth as a Managed Service,’ Moving Minds gives forward-thinking CEOs and CMOs on demand access to a Fortune 500 caliber team of fractional marketing talent,” said Lou Hughes, Co-CEO and Founder of Moving Minds. “From Fractional CMOs and branding experts to digital marketing and social media specialists, web developers, content marketers, and business process optimization consultants, companies can completely outsource their entire marketing operations to a single agency partner solely accountable for achieving a greater return on their marketing investments.”

    ‘Growth as a Managed Service’ is designed to eliminate marketing silos and create more synergy through the execution of integrated multi-channel campaigns, particularly for early-stage venture capital and private equity-funded companies. A venture’s assemblage of functionally oriented marketing agencies, contractors, vendors, and freelancers are consolidated into a single cohesive unit orchestrated by Fractional CMOs. This enables companies to reduce marketing headcount costs, accelerate time to market, and generate a greater return on marketing investments.

    “Moving Minds gives CEOs and CMOs a fully formed multi-channel marketing department within days, not months,” said the agency’s Co-CEO and Founder, Kathryn Hughes. With Moving Minds as their Managed Marketing Services Provider, fast-growth venture capital and private equity-funded startups, as well as mid-cap companies, can leverage a more agile staffing model for supplying the marketing talent needed to accelerate day-to-day execution and drive mission-critical demand generation and customer acquisition growth initiatives.

    To learn more about Moving Minds’ ‘Growth as a Managed Service’ capabilities, please visit or schedule a consult at

    *Data Source: Statista


    Moving Minds is an award-winning global marketing agency enabling forward-thinking companies to get to market faster and smarter with ‘Growth as a Managed Service,’ a fractional, more agile outsourced model designed for venture- and private equity-backed companies. To learn more about Moving Minds, call (800) 420-7026 or visit


    Lou Hughes


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    Lou Hughes
    Fractional CMO and CEO of Moving Minds
    Lou Hughes is CEO of Moving Minds and serves as a Fractional CMO to a diverse group of clients ranging from early stage start-ups to mid-cap companies. In this role, Lou leads mission-critical strategic marketing engagements and digital marketing initiatives that consistently increase market valuation, revenue and demand.
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